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Hello. I'm Debbie, an illustrator and print-maker (kinda) who loves doodling and screen-printing. I also work full time which pays the bills and for my music adventures. I also like reading, cycling, a bit of gardening and watching telly - favorites include Murder She Wrote, Monk, Friends, Bob's Burgers and Downton Abbey.

As I review this website in June 2024, it's been a while since my last proper creative activities for various reasons. My exposure unit is currently out of action - probably a loose wire or summat else - hence the kinda in the very first sentence of this about page.

My ideas and characters come from many things - randomness, observation, daily life or from drawing events run by other creatives. I like drawing fun things, fun characters and making little colourful pictures. I was introduced to the magic of printmaking a long time ago. When the exposure unit is working - I am able to create screens that I then print from in my workroom. My favourite tools are pencils, paper, paint and squeegees, and I am trying to improve my digital art skills to develop my creative processes.


Over the years, I have studied art at various levels and in January 2018, I completed a masters in Illustrated Children’s Books at the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University.

My items are available to buy online and in a couple of shops in the UK. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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