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Debbie Greenaway

Illustrator and Printmaker (kinda)

Hello. My name is Debbie and that's me in the photo above. I am an illustrator and print-maker (kinda) who loves doodling and screen-printing. I also work in finance five days a week, to pay the house bills and for my music adventures!

As I review this website on 12th January 2023, it has been a while since my last creative activities - hence the kinda above. There are no immediate plans - in my spare time I am pottering about in my workroom and planning some kinda return to drawing and making. We shall see what 2023 brings.

I am leaving this old bio here for now - Pencils and paper are always nearby for doodle adventures. Ideas come from many things, randomness, my imagination, observation or daily events. I was introduced to the magic of printmaking a very long time ago and screen-printing is my favourite way of making pictures. Over the years I have built up my home screen-printing equipment and I try to print as often as I can - please note that my exposure unit is currently out of action - probably a loose wire, spiders or summat.


While working (to pay the bills) or in between jobs, I have studied art at various levels and done a few short courses. In January 2018, I completed a MA in Illustrated Children’s Books at the Cambridge School of Art at the Anglia Ruskin University.

I currently live in Warwickshire with someone called John John. I also like reading, cycling, napping, biscuits, feeding the garden birds and watching telly. Telly favorites include Monk, Murder She Wrote, Friends, Bob's Burgers and Downton Abbey.


My cards, pin badges and items are available to buy online and in a couple of UK shops/galleries. If you want me to work for you, work together, stock my work or if you have any questions, please get in touch.


Please bookmark my website as I am planning to update it a bit more often in 2023, or have a look on Instagram under @debbiegdraws 

Current Stockists

Online Shops

Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds

Jelly Armchair in Cheltenham.

West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield.




Click on the Folksy text above and it will take you to my online shop.

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