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sunshine… …the topic suggested for today’s #BEDM post is Blog Chats. I am in a pickle over what to write about and I usually pick an alternative topic from ones I have missed this year or choose from the 2013 BEDM list but I wanted to be on the same day topic as the other… Read more »

 grab a brew… …and lets catch up on what happen in London the other weekend at the fantastic Renegade Craft Fair. To start off the story, let us travel even further back in time to Monday 4th November when I started falling ill with the cold germs. I started with a bit of printing which… Read more »

Revealing Craft… …is a project that started in July 2012 with Folksy and India Hobson. I was fortunate to be asked if I would like to take part and of course I said yes – not sure what I was letting myself in for. India came to visit me at home in August 2012 and… Read more »

LONDON… …we will be traveling to London – the mister and I – very early on Saturday morning to meet up with Kayleigh O’Mara as we are taking part in Renegade Craft Fair! It is on both days – Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 6pm. I am doing all I can over the next… Read more »

new… …camera! for the past year I have been slowly coming to terms with the fact that my trusty fujifilm was not coming back to life, no matter what I tried to do. last weekend, after a couple of months of camera reviewing and camera shop visiting – i plucked up the courage to choose… Read more »

autumn… …it is getting colder and leaves are starting to fall from the trees – where have I been since the attempted blog reboot? well – I have been busying away on finishing off lots of ‘makes’ amongst other things that I will cover in future posts. the hedgehog pin cushion pile has decreased –… Read more »

  SUPER SALE… …time to get your hands on my favourite screen print. The Wanted Robber Bird Poster was created during the final weeks of my degree, the degree I nearly quit and left from and thankfully completed in 2008. This print was created from a hand drawn illustration and then hand pulled using Lascaux… Read more »

hello again… …it has been a while since my last post (AGAIN!) but I have been busy – nothing major but just busy. i would like to let you all know that Kayleigh O’Mara and I will be showing and selling our handmade work at designers/makers this SATURDAY 17th AUGUST from 11am until about 5pm… Read more »

exercise… …this post is part of Rosalilium’s Blog Every Day in May – #BEDM but I am going to create a post as often as I can throughout June and beyond. It can be difficult to blog every day but my aim is to make it to the end and hopefully it will help me… Read more »

sun… …the weather outside is beautiful. I have been out enjoying it today. Third load of washing is out on the line and drying. I have been out on a driving lesson – went well and I went for an hours swim at the sports centre. it was so warm walking back that I had… Read more »

june… …it is now JUNE! May was madness and I have decided to continue with the Blog Every Day in May #BEDM task but use it for June best I can. I have printed out the list from Rosalilium’s website in the hope it will get me going more. May was a very busy month…. Read more »

late… …this post is part of Blogging Every Day in May #BEDM – with Rosalilium. I was playing catch up before and still am despite my best efforts! Last week was a near on full week in the library, we had visitors round, I had a driving lesson and we were in Huddersfield at the… Read more »

the sun is out there… …this post is part of Blogging Every Day in May – #BEDM – still playing catch up as I have had a busy weekend so far. Yesterday I was at the library all day – my part time job and today I have been listing things on eBay as part… Read more »

Blogging Every Day in May… …hello to everyone new and hello to everyone who has been here before. For the month of May, I am joining in with Rosalilium – Elizabeth’s blogging project. I saw Kim of Finest Imaginary and some other people over on twitter mentioning it in their tweets so I clicked the… Read more »

  life’s little larks… …is a little shop run by Helena in The Famers Market & Craft Centre in Heskin. It is full of handmade gifts, cards, accessories and such like. Helena is an artist and illustrator. You can find out more information about her shop if you click this link. She updates her facebook… Read more »

yesterdays… …this lion page is from the yesterdays of 2012 – about June time maybe – when I had an interview for the Post Office. The back yard squirrel or squirrels were causing chaos and having fun chewing up my washing line. I often put a couple of nuts out on the floor for them… Read more »

saying goodbye… …in the fabric sense, to a good friend of mine – Mr Robotington. I have umm-ed and ahh-ed over this decision for a long while but during the recent weeks it has become clear to me that there are other things I wish to concentrate on. These things – I have tried to… Read more »

 time… …well it moves and now we are in MARCH! Yep, March. Despite the good old best intentions it has taken me until now to get a move on and post an update. I wont bore you with a long winded reason why I have been away hibernating but I am still here and attempting… Read more »

november… …it has been a while since my last entry – lots of things have been happening. In and amongst, I started a new part time job as a library & information assistant which I am thoroughly enjoying! It is so nice to go to work and do something helpful. Art wise, I was very… Read more »

time out… …since Renegade back in September, I have been doing a number of things and having a little bit of a time out with Army Deb and Mollie Moo in their new home. I did take some stitching and the sketchbook. I have been making work, painting badges, sewing hedgehogs and clearing out my… Read more »