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amazing… …it has been a while and it has been one of them months. Right at the end of April, I learned that Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL would be touring in the UK. Instantly I put a reminder on my phone and spent the morning of 2nd May glued to my computer in the hope that… Read more »

gadgets… …the topic for this post is from Day 7 of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM – a great project by Rosalilium and you can read more about it here. Day 7 Gadgets I have drawn a page especially for this post – OK about half a page as it was time for the words… Read more »

passion… …catching up with #BEDM Blog Every Day in May. this evening I have picked the topic from Day 6 Passion Projects – what do you love and would like to make money from. First off, I am going to explain a little why I have skipped forward. I fell behind due to every day… Read more »

day 3… …damn it! I have already fallen behind with Blog Every Day in May – BEDM. Day 3 was last Saturday and I was working in the library all day – cue after shift tiredness & bank holiday weekend jazz with eBay, general stuff, visitors, food time and park visits – Tuesday came and… Read more »

day 2… …this post is part of Blog Every Day in May and you can find out more about it here – feel free to sign up and join in too. the BEDM topic for 2nd May is 5 Fave Posts – pimp out your favourite posts on your blog. scrolling through my previous posts… Read more »

hello… …this is my first post as part of Rosalilium’s Blogging Every Day in May blogging challenge. I attempted to BEDM last year but only managed about 4/5 posts – I was busy with the library, busy learning to drive, busy with the illustration/printing cycle of ‘shall I, should I’ and just general stuff –… Read more »

stepping in to spring… …the time of year i love the most. there is something about the months from April on wards that makes my heart cheer. no more winter napping snuggled up on the sofa with the blankets – time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and blue skies. aye you can… Read more »