…this post is part of Blogging Every Day in May #BEDM – with Rosalilium. I was playing catch up before and still am despite my best efforts! Last week was a near on full week in the library, we had visitors round, I had a driving lesson and we were in Huddersfield at the weekend visiting family and friends. Thank you to everyone who helped with The Print Auction that finished this week – I will let you know how much was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support soon.

Day 3 – Day in the Life

So this post is about what I get up to on a typical day – there are usually two different days, one with a shift at the library or one day where I am working from home. I decided to try and draw my day – I started this type of sketchbook work in 2008 and if you look through this blog – there are many over similar ‘days’ to look at.

The drawing above is of Sunday 5th May 2013. A day off – so I was at home and doing weekend things. The alarm was set for 7.24am – it is never set on a zero or odd number – I pressed snooze several times and didn’t get up until just after 9am. I was working in the library the day before and was quite tired. I had breakfast – bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes. Afterwards, I started cooking some beef and cutting vegetables to put in the slow cooker for teatime later on. My husband, John helped me with photographing prints to list on eBay and whilst listing the prints on eBay – I tried to sort through my emails and to-do list. I then spent an hour or two cleaning the house and doing laundry – it was a good day to dry clothes out on the washing line. My friends, Army Deb, Ian and their daughter Mollie Moomin came over just after dinnertime. Army Deb and I had various cups of tea in the kitchen, while watching the birds on the bird feeder. We took Mollie to the park and outside where she attempted to eat soil, pebbles and blossom off the tree that is in the front garden. I attempted to take some photos of Mollie but she would turn herself in the opposite direction! I made some Yorkshire Puddings to go with the beef casserole – we had the food at about five pm – it was delicious. Love using the slow cooker. In the evening, I watched a bit of telly with John and went to bed about 11pm. Sunday was a relaxing day and it was nice to enjoy the weather.

the sun is out there…

…this post is part of Blogging Every Day in May – #BEDM – still playing catch up as I have had a busy weekend so far. Yesterday I was at the library all day – my part time job and today I have been listing things on eBay as part of The Return to Drawing Screen Printing Mission25% of all final sales will go toward Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of my friend Ali Graney who passed away from a rare form of cancer in July 2012. The rest of the money will go towards creating new screen prints. I have the paper and paint – just need to get my arse in to gear with getting to the print room now and the funds to do so to create new screens.

Day 2 – Spring is Here!

Spring came to say hello to us people in Coventry at the end of April and I got a teeny bit excited! I rushed to find a new summer dress and found a Topshop one in a charity shop for £8 – mainly black in colour with big bright flowers on. Perfect for me but the Mr didn’t approve but he ain’t the one wearing it. I washed it and wore it to work with legging and sandals that week. The Mr and I spent the second week of ‘spring’ in Falmouth as part of his 30th birthday celebrations. I love the spring colours – the leaves, the buds, the flowers, the sky, the butterflies and the fresh air – plus everyone smiles a little bit more. With the warmer and sometimes sunny weather, I can walk on grassy areas in bare feet – my most favourite place for this is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Also the beach – I don’t get to a beach often but I did tip my toes in to the sea at Porthcurno last Monday afternoon. It was lovely. With spring arriving, I am looking forward to the longer daylight hours, not having the heating on, ice-creams and sitting in my garden. I am also looking forward to the new direction I have started with my illustration work.

I am taking part in Blogging Every Day in May with Rosalilim. Find out more about everything by clicking on the links.

Blogging Every Day in May…

…hello to everyone new and hello to everyone who has been here before. For the month of May, I am joining in with Rosalilium – Elizabeth’s blogging project. I saw Kim of Finest Imaginary and some other people over on twitter mentioning it in their tweets so I clicked the links to find out more. Here I am – technically on Day 3 but with Day 1’s task and the plan is to catch up over the weekend.

Day 1 – Five Lines

Hello. My name is Debbie, an illustrator & printmaker and I also work part time as a library and information assistant.

I have a sweet tooth with a fondness for Hobnob biscuits.

Telly wise, I like to watch Monk, Murder She Wrote, The Simpsons, Person of Interest and anything with Sir David Attenborough in.

I live in Coventry with my husband. We are both originally from Huddersfield and in the past we have lived in Preston and Manchester.

I am currently trying to draw, paint and print more and have booked myself on to a short course in Book Illustration which will take place in July 2013. Exciting!

life’s little larks…
…is a little shop run by Helena in The Famers Market & Craft Centre in Heskin. It is full of handmade gifts, cards, accessories and such like. Helena is an artist and illustrator. You can find out more information about her shop if you click this link. She updates her facebook page with the work she has inside her little shop and with pictures of her recent commissions. As seen in these photos, Life’s Little Larks is one of my newest stockists. I am working on a batch of robin badges as these were very popular after the Mollie Makes feature – I have some supplies left so I am putting them to good use. Helena requested some but I was out of stock – so some will be flying Royal Mail style up to her soon.


…this lion page is from the yesterdays of 2012 – about June time maybe – when I had an interview for the Post Office. The back yard squirrel or squirrels were causing chaos and having fun chewing up my washing line. I often put a couple of nuts out on the floor for them but I haven’t seen any squirrels for a while. I keep trying to draw in the is lion journal but nothing much happens enough – not like the days of Manchester. We shall see. Last week was a good week for ‘doing’ and I am trying to keep the momentum going. Current project involves owls and of course I drew an owl with a lion – ideas are forming but lets not jump before we can walk – eh? The name of the game is to keep it simple and stressing out it not allowed.

saying goodbye…

…in the fabric sense, to a good friend of mine – Mr Robotington. I have umm-ed and ahh-ed over this decision for a long while but during the recent weeks it has become clear to me that there are other things I wish to concentrate on. These things – I have tried to do in the past but other elements/events/blah blah always due me back to crafting. So in words – I will no longer be making any small or big Mr Robotingtons. These are the ones you would usually see at fairs, in shops and online. Custom orders for the Super Large ones that are about a meter big – will be available to order while supplies last! I have been photographing and listing each of the remaining Mr Ro’s and there are now seven left. They can be found over in my Etsy online shop. Click on the link to see individually listed Mr Ro’s or Randomly Picked Mr Ro’s (obviously this listing will cease to be once they have all been papped.)


…well it moves and now we are in MARCH! Yep, March. Despite the good old best intentions it has taken me until now to get a move on and post an update. I wont bore you with a long winded reason why I have been away hibernating but I am still here and attempting things – what these things are – I am not sure of but I think I am trying to get back on the drawing path best I can. So this post features two photos that I took last week from a walk Army Deb and I went on round Middleton Lakes – which is a RSPB reserve. It was a freezing cold day, we wrapped up warm and set out with the largest pack lunch ever! There is very large heronry there and we saw two herons flying about. We met a very friendly pair of robins and one of them took some bread from my hand. There was a hive of activity around the feeding area and we spotted a new birds – well new to our eyes but I have forgotten what it is called. Below is a picture of some Blue Tits feasting on peanuts. I am looking forward to the return of better weather as it will hopefully bring the birds back to my bird feeder. We have a few visitors at the moment including three goldfinches who are greedy little so and so’s. Eating the seed constantly until there is nowt left, a pair of robins, two chaffinches, a couple of great tits, few blue tits and a blackbird.


…it has been a while since my last entry – lots of things have been happening. In and amongst, I started a new part time job as a library & information assistant which I am thoroughly enjoying! It is so nice to go to work and do something helpful. Art wise, I was very fortunate to be asked by Mollie Makes to contribute a project/tutorial to their magazine – Issue 21 which is on sale now! The original Robin Badges are now for sale in my Etsy and Folksy shops. I have also been finishing off loads of things from my ‘to-do’ box which has cleared out a lot of space and listed extra craft supplies over on eBay. Please check out the links for more information.

time out…

…since Renegade back in September, I have been doing a number of things and having a little bit of a time out with Army Deb and Mollie Moo in their new home. I did take some stitching and the sketchbook. I have been making work, painting badges, sewing hedgehogs and clearing out my work room – there will soon be some things up for grabs in the online shops and on ebay. above is a page from the lion sketchbook and I keep trying to draw in it but nothing much happens in Coventry. I only really speak to John and the pages would and could be filled full of me and him talking, eating and riding about on Victor (the motorbike). I am hoping to start printing properly again soon and so I will wave goodbye until next time so I can continue preparing some drawings.


Nook & Cranny is a fantastic shop based at the are based at the Bluecoat Art Gallery in Liverpool – a selection of my work can be found on their shelves! go take a peek and if you can, support British Handmade and Small Businesses. x


…phew! it has been a week since Kayleigh and I took part in Renegade Craft’s 2nd London Fair and I have been intending to write about it but last week was spent resting, swimming, going to job interviews and making up work best I can. Taking part was such a big achievement for me as I have only ever taken part in smaller fairs – mainly all up North and so to show and sell my work in a different city – LONDON – was amazing. I spoke to many lovely people and met many ‘web’ friends – some for the first time. It a shame that I don’t get to see some of these people more often – living in Coventry has been hard art wise but I am determined to find something creative to get involved in asap. The photo I have used is by Renegade Craft themselves and credit as such goes to them – I am now without my camera and only took photos via instagram. (debtheladysnail) I will be trying to upload new bits of work on etsy and folksy. May also make some more pin cushion houses and large screenprinted teeth as they were both well received – only one small one left! I will be printing new things once I have caught up with my lists. LISTS!

Thank you to Kayleigh – my fellow stall sharer and to her and Ant both for looking after me last weekend. Also thank you – many thank yous to each and every one of you that came, said hello, shared a hug and bought some of my work. xxx

If there is anything you wish you had taken home but didn’t and can not see it online – please get in touch and email me. deb at debbiegreenaway dot com.

one week to go…

…it is all go here in the work room as I prepare last minute pieces of work for RENEGADE LONDON! It is next weekend – 15th & 16th September from 11am-6pm at The Old Truman Brewery. Please see the poster for more details or click on the link. My very good friend, Kayleigh O’Mara and I are sharing a stall space and so there will double delights to look at and buy. Pop by and say ‘Hello’ as it would be nice to put actual real life faces to people who we know from twitter, etsy, folksy and the web! If you bring a sketchbook, I will draw a doodle – most likely a lion (if there is time to – fingers crossed it will be busy!). There has not been any photo taking or photo sharing for a while as my trusty camera no longer works – the Dr Mr tried his best with his science-y ways but thankfully, John’s sister came to the rescue and has loaned me her camera. I plan to try it out these weekend. This evening I am in printing – my right shoulder arm is becoming very odd. It is taking on a life of its own with all this squeegee action.

page four…

…another doodle. this was probably started about April time and finished who knows when. I have been drawing in the book a bit more these past few days and am back to being ahead of the game – so that is the plan. this weekend i visited the Festival of Quilts with my mother in law – Carol. it was a great day but there was so much to fit in, there were so many quilts and related quilted work on display, then the stalls/shops in which to buy supplies from. Carol is a avid quilt maker and we both had lists of things we wished to seek out and buy. one day was not enough and we should have really spread it out over two days. we were happy but shattered by the end of the day. today, i have finished off a huge batch of lion badges and am now tackling things in the workroom – printing and packing up other bits of work to send out to shops.


…these beauties are hand painted laser cut wood badges. phew – what a mouthful. the idea came from the little doodle that started me making the hedgehog pin cushions. the other badges do well and it was time to upgrade to a sturdier material. the painting part is very relaxing and hopefully it will encourage me to get my paints out more often. these badges can be found in my online etsy and folksy shops.


A small selection of my work can now be seen and bought from Warrington Museum and Art Gallery – Creature Showcase in their Contemporary Craft Shop.

My work can also now be found in the The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

new week…

…starting back with the on/off relationship with the lions. maybe i have drawn them all – maybe some are waiting to be drawn. there is definitely a story to tell with these characters – as to what that story is – i have no idea. its been a difficult time these past few weeks, lots of things good, bad and sad. above is a page i drew a while ago – maybe in April or May. i am in the workroom this evening and i am going to try and have an evening of ‘doing’.


London Renegade Craft Fair – 15th & 16th September 2012 at Old Trumen Brewery

Very proud to let you all know that Kayleigh O’Mara and I will be at the 2nd London Renegade Craft Fair. We will be sharing a stall and our tables will be full of our lovely work. Very exciting indeed and plans are underway to create as much as I can between now and then.

Click on the underlined links, for they will take you to magical places full of information.


…today’s post is dedicated to Ali Graney – a fantastic friend and tutor. She recently passed away after a short illness. Ali was the best, the best tutor and the best friend. She was lovely and words are hard to write. Above is one of her recent illustrations. She loved teaching and illustration/drawing, especially with ink and straws – drawing animals, chickens, flowers and dinosaurs. Always the keen gardener, I never came home empty handed – sent home with veg and stern words about getting the sketchbook out. We would often be in touch and if time allowed, made little visits to Sheffield Taps and then back to her and Lee’s for food and wine. She will be missed. Missed by many and never forgotten.



…shine in doors while the rain plays outside. this doodle has been in the sketchbook for a few months – maybe since late 2011 – some one saw it and said ‘why don’t you do something with that?’. I wasn’t that keen on the idea as suns are a popular thing to draw but thinking about it lately, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Last nights hand drawn screen went very Pete Tong when washing out the drawing fluid so I had another go today, took me time and it came out grand. The print set up is also getting used so all is good. I am also learning how to mix colour but really that is a little lie as I am still winging it when it comes to colour and mixing it. The plan is to do swatches and all, learn how to overlay colours when printing but plans get sat on and nowt comes of it – so wing it, it will be. These beauts will be in the online shops soon.


A selection of my work can now be found in the following places,

The Imaginarium Gallery, 74 Main Street, Haworth, BD22 8DP
Ginger Pickle – Online Shop


…using up fabrics from my stash to create bright and color co-ordinated strings of bunting for my online shops and stockists. I sent some to The Oak Studio yesterday and will be soon sending some to a new stockist in Haworth. There are some fox badges to be finished off this afternoon and then I hope to be designing a couple of new ones. There is a definite idea in mind for one or two of them but the third one – I aint too sure. I was planning to print today but this plan may have to be put on hold until this evening or when I feel calmer.


…time. seen as the workroom is getting sorted out – i thought i would share the excitement and give away a print of mine. pictured above is a AP print of the Lion on a Circus Stand. All you have to do to be in with a chance of being the new owner, is to comment below, retweet or share any of the promotional links on facebook or on your own blog for example. i will try my best to keep a note of all your helpful activity but it would help if you could let me know about facebook and blog link sharing. For each retweet you will get an entry and for leaving a comment is the same so for doing both you could gain two entries and so on. It is open to anyone in the world and i will keep a note of names to put in to a hat. the closing day will be Wednesday 20th June 2012. Any questions get in touch – i hope the explanation makes sense.

This print was made in January 2012 – based upon a drawing I did in Spring 2010. The printed area is about 7cm wide by 13cm and it was printed using five printing inks on to the middle of Somerset Satin paper that measures about 19cm wide by 28cm – the extra space allows for cropping and framing.

in other news, i am working from home – cutting/making bunting and hopefully printing. there will be a trip to the post office to post some work to The Oak Studio in London – they will be the first to get some of the NEW fish badges. A small selection of these badges can also now be found in my Etsy shop – see the sidebar for a link.

everything in place…

…all ready to get used. Thanks to sales from the Saltaire Arts Trail, sale of BOB, other payments being paid and careful saving in the business account – the time had come to invest in equipment. Let me introduce you to the new plan chest and new print rack – the later is now a manageable size – BOB, (we miss you!) the super large print rack i had, was re-homed in early May – he was of a good size but was too big for my current workroom area. The plan chest is for the storage of all things print and paper related – better than storing things flat on the floor, only to then have to move then constantly as and when needed. There was a Mr Bean type moment when the rack arrived this afternoon. I could not contain myself or my excitement and in the rush, I tried to carry the box upstairs on my own which got stuck. My Superwoman Arms helped me out of a pickle.

I have been away lately due to many many reasons – life gets in the way and time wasn’t well managed in May – it happens. I have been getting back on track this week and last. The plan is to now print and get everything ‘broken in’ once I have got the rest of the work room sorted – the rest of it is a mess – the area you can not see!


…out of my sketchbook and straight to Saltaire Arts Trail 2012, are these fish badges. I have umm-ed and ahhh-ed over wood/laser cut badges for a while – trying to up my game and improve the quality of my work so with the help of a great friend of mine, a sample batch of laser cut birch wood was ordered. I decided against etched details for now. They have been hand painted and varnished to high heaven. All i need to do is glue the brooch backs on tomorrow night after the trip to get back up North – should have been done by now already but the snooker tournament has been catching my eye – go Ronnie!

Saltaire Arts Trail 5th, 6th and 7th May 2012 – Makers Fair in Victoria Hall – Come say hello & bring Hobnobs.