Blogging Every Day in May…

…hello to everyone new and hello to everyone who has been here before. For the month of May, I am joining in with Rosalilium – Elizabeth’s blogging project. I saw Kim of Finest Imaginary and some other people over on twitter mentioning it in their tweets so I clicked the links to find out more. Here I am – technically on Day 3 but with Day 1’s task and the plan is to catch up over the weekend.

Day 1 – Five Lines

Hello. My name is Debbie, an illustrator & printmaker and I also work part time as a library and information assistant.

I have a sweet tooth with a fondness for Hobnob biscuits.

Telly wise, I like to watch Monk, Murder She Wrote, The Simpsons, Person of Interest and anything with Sir David Attenborough in.

I live in Coventry with my husband. We are both originally from Huddersfield and in the past we have lived in Preston and Manchester.

I am currently trying to draw, paint and print more and have booked myself on to a short course in Book Illustration which will take place in July 2013. Exciting!

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  1. Danangib

    Interesting project, maybe a little bit demanding as you have to write a post everyday, but it worth a try.
    Anyway, now after the first day, we know you better xxxx

    Have a great weekend!


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